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Why We are Here

   My purpose is to help people to stop becoming upset by stress. Most people are suffering from stress. The stress they feel contributes to family problems, marriage problems, work problems, health problems, and spiritual problems.

We have a easy meditation for concentration, focus and self control. Overcoming distractions and anxiety, and improving productivity and personal effectiveness are just some of the possible benefits. Learn more


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"I listened to your meditation online, and it is beautiful." Raul - San Francisco

"Roland, thanks for being there. You helped me get through a really rough time." John - San Mateo

"Heard you this morning. You were right, as always." Eva - Berkeley

"This is very good info! Thanks!" Bill S. somewhere in the U.S.A.

"I am extremely proud of our genuine expert authors, like you, who are true authorities in their niches & contribute new unique articles every week. Thanks for being part of the Ezine Articles community!" Christopher Knight, CEO, Ezine Articles

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